As you take the normal opportunities of your daily life and
create something of beauty and helpfulness, you improve not
only the world around you but also the world within you.
~President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Friday, March 26, 2010

Cruisin' Away in Taber

The ladies down in Taber have been busy decorating and creating their cruise ship atmosphere in the church gym for the upcoming stake dinner dance. These pictures are courtesy of my talented mom, who made all of the giant palm trees! Good work ladies! It looks like it's going to be one fun cruise!


  1. Where did they get that cool chandelier??? I NEED it for my sister-in-laws wedding in October.

  2. Elaine,
    The chandelier can be rented from some ladies in Barnwell. They have a decorating business. Charlene McClung (husband Richard---would be in the phone book) is the one you could call. I think it's about $300 to rent, but it does make a big difference.

  3. Elaine.....I just remembered the name of their company is "Lasting Impressions."